Our Story

In late 2017, we embarked on a mission to address a significant gap in the market—luxurious hangers that could meet our needs and complement our lifestyle, while boasting a timeless, classic-contemporary design tailored for the modern gentleman.

Since then, our dedication has been unwavering. We have meticulously crafted a collection of premium wooden suit and shirt hangers, each unified by a consistent design language that adds a touch of elegance and uniformity to your wardrobe.

From the vibrant heart of London, our hangers are painstakingly designed and meticulously handcrafted. Every step of the process, from carving the wood to attaching the hooks, to meticulously applying five coats of paint, is executed with utmost care to ensure the durability and longevity of our products.

To achieve the ideal balance between strength and lightness, we exclusively use sustainable European beechwood. This choice allows us to create hangers that are not only robust but also environmentally conscious.

Our suit hangers have been ingeniously designed to optimise your wardrobe space without compromising on the perfect fit for your suits and other valuable garments. With our broad shoulder support, each hanger flawlessly follows the contours of your shoulders, significantly extending the lifespan of your treasured suits.

After an extensive period of rigorous testing, in close collaboration with esteemed bespoke tailors in London, we are proud to present RA HANGERS. Our debut range is the culmination of countless hours spent perfecting our design on hundreds of suits, ensuring an impeccable and refined product.

Join us on our journey and experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that define RA HANGERS. Elevate your wardrobe and cherish your garments with our meticulously crafted hangers, born out of a deep passion for elegance and functionality.