Shirt Hanger (modern) - Set of 5
Shirt Hanger (modern) - Set of 5
Shirt Hanger (modern) - Set of 5


Shirt Hanger (modern) - Set of 5

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The Finer Details 

  • Hand made and Designed in London
  • Modern Style
  • Colour: Mahogany brown with extra thick 4.5mm brass hook
  • 0.55" thickness allowing for better drape of your shirts or sweaters
  • 17.3" wide for standard sized shirts UK 40-44

More About Our Range of Premium Wooden Hangers

Our range of Premium Wooden Suit and Shirt Hangers are designed to prolong the life of your most valued garments protecting their tailor-made shape. Our suit and jacket hangers offer extra wide shoulder support and the perfect curvature to ensure your suits do not crease and at the same time maintain a small footprint inside your wardrobe.

We worked with numerous high-end tailors in London together to find the right balance for our design, eliminating many of the flaws you typically find with existing so called 'premium' hangers in the market. We are aiming for a uniform and slick look inside your wardrobe and are achieving this by offering a range of hangers which all speak the same design language.

We struggled to find real premium hangers that would meet our high standards whilst also offering a contemporary design for the modern gentlemen. 

Often we found hangers that were too bulky, didn't offer a perfect fit or would take up too much space inside our wardrobes and were simply not premium despite a premium price tag.

This is how RA HANGERS came to life and we are proud to offer our first range of hangers after a long period of rigorously testing our design on hundreds of suits in close collaboration with bespoke tailors in London.